Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What this Blog is NOT!!

OK....I wanted to start today's out by letting everyone know what you WON'T find on this blog. There are so many blogs out there today that seem to be the expert on EVERYTHING!! Don't get me wrong, I love these blogs, I check these blogs everyday and use many of their ideas, but I still can't provide what they provide.

I can't show you how to successfully home-school 3 sets of octuplets.....sorry. I can't show you how to collect enough coupons so that at your trip to the grocery store you end up leaving with stock in the Food Lion corporation (I can show you how to go into Target only needing toilet paper and come out with $100 worth of Essie nail polish!!!!), I am no expert on current events or economics but I can debate Snookie's outfit on Jersey Shore with you or Teresa's recent house forclosure on Real Housewives of New Jersey. I won't debate politics on here, most of you reading this know where I stand and know I love my liberal friends (including that guy I live with, what's he called....oh my husband) more than anything and would never want to lose them, same goes for religion.

I'll be honest, I've had a tough past 2 years. Now nothing compared to Hurricane Katrina or the earthquake in Haiti, nothing like that, but my family has struggled, I've had a life altering move and some big changes to deal with. I have learned to believe the saying though "put your big girl panties on and deal with it!!!" All I can do is hope that my passion for just being happy and having joy will come out in this blog, maybe make you laugh a little!

That being said let's discuss something I am a bit of an expert on I must say...........LIPGLOSS!!!!!!!

It's not something learned people, I was born, no wait, conceived with an obsession (for a lot of things) but one in particular....any lip product!!! I love it, i love chap-stick, lipgloss, lipstick, good grief vaseline will do if they package it cute! The genes run strong, just to give you a bit of mother had surgery about 12 years ago, nothing too serious but was sedated and stayed over-night. When she started to come out of the meds her doctor asked me to go check on her and see if she seemed ok. I went back in her room, her eyes were still shut and she was quite groggy, I had no idea what to expect her to say. She did not even open her eyes, just moved a little and whispered "Did your Daddy remember my lipstick?" I told the doctor she would be fine! But see what I mean, it's a necessity for life!

That being said, I keep at least 5 forms of lip product in my purse at all times. One is specifically for the beach and has some form of SPF in it. Another is just basic balm, I prefer Burt's Bees. A few forms of color but my newest find, which I love is Laura Mercier's basic lipgloss in Rose.

Now I'm not kidding, I will apply this amazing color just so I can "randomly" pass by a mirror and see it on, the $22 lip gloss is sure to be gone way before it's expiration date. Now some of you may think $22 is a bit steep for lipgloss but by gosh it makes me feel pretty so no price is too high!!!! So go buy some! If you go to Saks in Raleigh to get it, tell them Katie sent you....they will know since I am the one who lingers in the Louis Vuitton boutique way too long for any sane person ;-).


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