Friday, November 12, 2010

A New Appreciation

I am so sorry I haven't written in what a month and a half, no excuse, just lazy but HI...I'm back!!

I never understood antiques. I never enjoyed the hunt and the thrill until college and then meeting Cary's mother and BOOM the antique bug hit and it hit hard. I LOVE them! I can't get enough! I love old jewlery, clothes, books and of course furniture. I would say my furniture taste is very eclectic....I like what I like! For instance, Cary and I have a platform bed nestled right beside an antique hot pink to come!

My mom-in-law saves everything. She moved a little over a year ago and had to purge and since Cary and I were the closest children, I got a lot of stuff, pink stuff to be specific! I received some beautiful depression glass which is my favorite of everthying she handed down.

My mother on the other hand was hoarding some pretty cool jewlery pieces that I snagged on our last trip home.

I have some pictures below of some of my finds (family freebies and store treasures) ENJOY!!!

This is a piece I found refinished (paid way too much for) at a local boutique in Raleigh. I LOVE IT!!

This Cary and I found at an amazing antique shop in Wake Forest. We got an amazing deal. It was a horrific orange when we purchased it but we covered that in a high gloss black......still looking for knobs!

Here are some peices my mom-in-law gave me....

Please stop in your local antique store, find a gorgeous piece and love it forever!!


Blogger Kristin Harris said...

I am loving the black buffet. Let me know when you're ready to sell! :-)

November 15, 2010 at 5:42 PM  

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