Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2010 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

By now you may have all your big presents out of the way, or you may not have started, I won't judge! But if you're like me, the stocking is the best part. I for one know most of the gifts I am receiving. I do love surprises but I also love getting that one item I just can't justify buying myself for no reason, you know when there is food to put on the table, a great dane to feed and an electric bill to pay.....those $250 jeans just don't seem so practical then. But when Christmas rolls around, when better to ask. So even though I'm excited to wear those jeans I picked out back in September, what I get most excited about is the sweet, tiny treasure waiting deep down in the toe of that stocking. So here are some picks this year for the budget friendly stocking and also for the stocking that has limitless amounts of gift giving bliss!

How cute are these sweet bow posts from Anthro?? And only $24....get 2!!!

Another Anthro choice

A pair of fox trimmed leather gloves from Neiman's won't hurt....these are for the non-budget conscience

You can never have enough Moleskin, in pink of course

These Jonathan Adler iPhone cases are so in each color please

Chocolates are always a fun choice, try something different like a hint of Cayenne

Last, but certainly not least, I think I could give a very good home to this Ileana Makri ring, and a steal for only $15,000


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