Wednesday, January 5, 2011

If diamonds are a girl's BEST friend.....

Then fur is her super cool pal who she always knows she will have a blast with! Fur may not be that every day accessory like diamonds and pearls but you know you will be noticed and have fun when you are wearing fur. Whether you choose to go with the real deal or a super cool faux, fur is always a fun choice. Here are some fabulous fur choices available this season.

Love this beret. I saw it in the Raleigh Saks over Christmas in purple!!

How adorable are these Ugg gloves???

Here are some super cute Tory Burch boots. Not sure if you can still find them in stores but you can find a few pair left at Willow.

This Sofia Cashmere fox fur vest will only set you back $2200, get 2!!!

So I don't know about you, but fur just always seems to brighten my day!


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